29. März 2009


n schönet durschlachwochenende mit rehabilitation à schabberd mit oldschoolpornoheftchen und dosenbier...korrekte scheisse!

27. März 2009

luke & deans 21st

http://chaycockroach.blogspot.com/ stolen from mj's chaycockroach.blogspot.com

24. März 2009

the high street family sunday

after partying through the whole weekend the high street family needed some recreation on sunday, so we went out on the had-boat and had some fun going crazy with the bisquit and doing sketchy ropeswings, after that we all found ourselves in the kousoulis backyard skatin the miniramp and having a barbeque with georges dad mitch, what a nice family sunday.

dad chillin on the bisquit

the had-man himself reppin the best dropknees in town

check the ropeswing

bs noseblunt gk

fs tail dad

kousoulis training facility

high street hubba hideout

shane martin switch k, pyrmont sydney

smoke them thangs

the swayne mayne's infamous kickflip

wollongong watertowers

transworld approved sequence